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After Thor’s existence became known, paganism shot through the roof.

When you and a co-worker are talking about her ex and the topic of rough sex comes up, and the trainee nearby scoffs.

What, we asked.

"Oh I don’t think you even begin to know crazy. In regards to your topic."

Hundreds of examples flooded to my mind but luckily I remembered as management such topics are a no (other co-worker is management as well).

So I simply told her not to judge a book by its cover and she rolled her eyes.

I really just wanted to tell her and wipe her smug look off her face. Just because I am PC at work, and wear baggy pants and t-shirts doesn’t mean I don’t have a wild side. Geez :/




As part of an awareness campaign a few years back, there were a few stand at a major public transit hub, where people could get a quick, free medical check and advice on whether they were at-risk of heart-disease and so on.

We were also handing out bottled water, hoola-hoops and balls for kids to play with and take home while the adults were filling out questions, being measured or talking with the nurses. All of us were wearing dark blue T-shirts with the company logo on them

Now, entirely unrelated, there were people handing out flyers about the swine flu vaccine. These people were wearing yellow T-shirts with another company’s logo on them.

I was on my way to a break, when an elderly man came up to me, holding the pamphlet the other company were handing out.

"Okay, just give me the shot."

"I’m afraid we don’t give shots here. This is a medical check-up to see if you’re at-risk for heart-disease, diabetes and so on."

"But you’re handing out these flyers, telling me I need to get a shot."

"Sir, those people are from a different company and, as you’ll read in the pamphlet, you have to make an appointment with your doctor and he’ll give you the vaccine."

"But you’re right here."

"Yes, but, again, we don’t have any shots here."

"But I need to get a shot," he says, waving the flyer in my face.

"I understand, sir, but you really need to call your doctor and make an appointment for that. We simply can’t help you here."

"You just want me to die!"


She-Hulk. No more needs be said.


Octo Goil commish at #SPX !!


sex while on anti-depressants




Made this in an exercise of ‘Actually start something and then finish it, God dammit’.

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sleepy Hobbit cast & crew

Australian: making my way down town
Australian: walking fast
Magpie: aggressive bird noises
Australian: walking faster



A multi-boxer arrived in Outland-EU. 6 DKs, 1 Mage, 1 Warlock, 5 Druids, 3 Hunters and 5 Shamans. I’m impressed.

I’m staring at the mounts and how much those mounts  EACH cost.

It’s account wide via bnet. So he only had to purchase one and have all accounts active on the same bnet.