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when i was 8 i drew this comic about two girls kissing and my mom was out raged and i thought it was because my art wasn’t good enough so i kept trying to draw girls kissing and she sent me to therapy and my therapist tried explaining homosexuality to me and i didn’t even know what that had to do with my art skills


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i want to sit on a kitchen counter in my underwear at 3 am with you and talk about the universe


Irina Nedyalkova

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Only high resolution pictures!! - Right click and open link innew window/tab


Irina Nedyalkova

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Only high resolution pictures!! - Right click and open link in
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Unofficial poll time because curiosity. Ladies, when you wear skirts:

  1. Do you hike it up when you pee?
  2. Or do you pull it down when you pee?

Need to know. For science.

Hike it up. I can’t stand the thought of it touching the floor -ever- :I

Hike. For same reason.

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Sooooo, my fun little 'what if' for you to write about... Alex stumbling across the ruins and remains of the Hideout.

She came across it on accident in one of her trips across the multi-verse. It had been so long she almost didn’t remember it, but a small smile toyed across her lips as her eyes settled upon a familiar set of ruins. 


How many years had passed since she had departed? Alyx couldn’t recall. Floating down she called to life the plants that had guarded her domain. In the distance Video’s tower glimmered, and beyond that the run down castle that had been Pink’s. 

So they had left too, in the end. 

The small place that had been a shelter to them all was now just a vacant universe. All but forgotten. With a sigh her image glimmered before she shot off once more to her destination.

But in her wake a small blossom sprung forth…



Giratina so far.

I’ve had a really bad day, so i thought i would carry on with the beast instead of some other things. ive sent off a commission to be checked and im working on another, so im looking at stuff ive yet to do. this is the closest to being done out of them all. plus the twitch plays pokemon one im thinking of making a conflict between red and AJ (gold), so i will wait until he actually faces red, when i can see his full team :)

Anyways! here she is so far, one with the ghost friends and one without. and also, a progress gif! because i thought maybe some people might be interested? hope you like her so far.

reblogged with a working Gif! sorry guys!



So like I can’t do much with my dumb brace. I can’t do most console games as my thumb is locked in place. Typing hurts after a while, and while i can tablet a bit, it’s hard to use my keybinds for photoshop.

So I can’t do much for any length of time. I’ve spent the last two days watching stupid…

Still bored